EPC Solenoid | Affordable Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) Solenoid
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EPC Solenoid | Affordable Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) Solenoid

EPC Solenoid

Trans Parts Direct offers quality Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) Solenoids at discounted prices.

Electronic pressure control (EPC) transmission switchs control the EPC unit, which regulates the hydraulic pressure in an automatic transmission. This EPC's regulation allows the transmission to change its resistance levels when the engine starts working harder. With more pressure, the engine has to work harder to shift the gears, which prevents it from running up against its redline. When the engine is under load the EPC reduces the pressure so the engine works less on moving the transmission gears so it can use its energy on moving the load.

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Chrysler: 41TES: EPC Solenoid '07-Up - 5078335AB   5078335AB   Electronics - EPC Solenoid 
 Toyota U150/151E: Linear EPC Solenoid 03-Up - 35290-45010   35290-45010   Electronics - Linear EPC Solenoid 
 R4AX-EL(4EAT): Solenoid Group (Shift A/B, Coast, EPC) - 31939-AA000   31939-AA000   Electronics - Solenoid Group (Shift A, Shift B, Coast, EPC) 
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