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TCC Solenoid | Affordable TCC Solenoid For Transmissions

TCC Solenoid

Trans Parts Direct offers TCC Solenoids (torque converter clutch) for 3 speed GM transmissions and 4 speed Honda transmissions. This solenoid reads the speed of the cars transmission and sends the signal to the computer which identifies that the car has reached proper crusing speed and is not under heavy load (full throttle). It then "locks" the torque converter so it does not allow slippage like a standard automatic torque converter, hence making the torque converter act like a clutch.

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 4T60E: Pressure Control PWM. TCC 11 OHM '91-99 - 8683535   8683535   Electronics - Solenoid, Pressure Control PWM, TCC - 4T60E 
 AW60-40E (AF13): TCC Solenoid '93-Up - 88870K   88870K   Electronics - TCC Solenoid 
 JF506E: Lockup/TCC (VW/Jaguar/Land Rover) - 31941-PR010   31941-PR010   Electronics - Lockup/TCC (VW/Jaguar/Land Rover) 
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