Two A518/618 14 PC Bushing Kits K22902N/P


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Two A518/618 14 PC Bushing Kits K22902N/P
Two kits for only $35.00

Description Quantity
A500,518: Output Shaft (Pilot) 1
A500,518:Overdrive-Sun Gear-Bored 2
A500: Overdrive Sun Gear – Flanged (94-E99) 1
A500: Overdrive Sun Gear-Thick Wall (L99-Up) 1
TF8,A518: Input Shaft 1
TF8,A518: Sun Gear Front & Rear 2
TF8,A518: Front Pump Bushing-Bronze with Dimples 1
TF8,A518: Stator Support 1
A618: Stator Support 1
TF8/A518/618: Direct Drum Bushing-W/Oil Groove ’71-Up 1
A500,518:Output Shaft-Inner 1
C6,E4OD,FMX,TF8,A500/518: Extension Housing-Bronze 1


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