Durabond 6L80E Seamless 12 pc Bushing Kit 2006-Up TK-19C


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Durabond 6L80E Seamless Bushing Kit 2006-Up TK-19C
12 piece kit

1-2-3-4 & 3-5 Reverse Drum (Rear)
2-6 & Low/Reverse Support (Front)
2-6 & Low/Reverse Support (Rear)
3-5 Reverse & 2-6 Clutch Hub (Front) (Smooth)
3-5 Reverse & 2-6 Clutch Hub (Rear)
4-5-6 Clutch Drum (Rear)
Bell Housing (Pump Body)
Case (Rear)
Extension Housing (2WD)
Output Shaft
Stator Shaft Bushing (Front)
Stator Shaft Bushing (Rear)





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