New TH700-R4/4L60 (10-Vane Rotor Kit) With Seal Power Rings Fits GM K65927A


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New 4L60E 10-Vane Rotor Kit K65927A 
Includes guide that most kits do not include – Also includes the best rings.

Description Quantity
700-R4/4L60E Pump Rotor (10 Vane) 1
700-R4/4L60E Rotor-Guide (10 Vane) 1
4L60E Pump Slide For 10 & 13-Vane Pump (1997-On) 1
700-R4/4L60/E Pump Vane  10
700-R4/4L60E:  Seal Power Hardened Pump Vane Ring 2




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