Transgo 6L80E: Pressure Regulator Bore Repair (Fixes 3 Trans.) 6L8-VL-PR3


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Transgo 6L80E: Pressure Regulator Bore Repair

 (Fixes 3 Trans.) 


2006 and newer General Motors vehicles equipped with 6L45, 6L50, 6L80 and 6L90 automatic transmissions often wear out the line pressure regulator (PR) valve and bore.

The purpose of the PR valve is to regulate the transmission line pressure. On one hand, if the PR bore wear is severe enough at the balance end of the valve it can result in erratic or high line pressure. On the other hand, in those cases where the wear is most prevalent at the spring end of the valve, the leak in that area would cause erratic, low or high line pressure. For the same reason, the symptoms will vary as well, ranging from harsh shifts, soft shifts, burnt frictions, overheating, to converter clutch failure.

Features and benefits:

This TransGo drop-in precision ground USA-made hardened steel PR valve is designed to provide full-time line-to-lube, as well as restoring the hydraulic integrity of the circuit without the need to machine the bore. It has re-positioned longer lands so that both ends of the valves have better support which promotes less wear. As a result, this new valve is a fix even with substantial bore wear. No special tools required. This kit comes with enough components to fix three transmissions.


    Low line pressureErratic or high line pressureBurnt frictionsOverheating or burnt fluidTCC slip


    Drop-in precision ground USA-made steel valveSpring seat and spring



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