Transgo C4 Reprogramming Kit 70+ Automatic Shift (HD/Competition/Off Road) 40-2


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Transgo C4 Reprogramming Kit 70+ Automatic Shift (HD/Competition/Off Road) 40-2 Reprogramming Kit™
With Gear Command™
For all C4 1970-81
Shift and hold 1st and 2nd gear to any RPM when manually shifted but retains automatic up shifts in drive positionFeatures:

    Raises overall line pressureQuicker action throughout all shifting75% quicker 2-3 shiftsMore pressure for passing gear between 32-45 mphFirm shift performance


    Too easy /too often passing gearNo reverse hot1-2 slideSoft 2-33-2 cut-loose3-2 shuttle2nd band failure



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